About Us

Our Mission: To create sustainable social enterprises that cultivate a culture of belonging and connection in the Northern Hills Community.

Northern Hills Connect is a working group of passionate neighbours, people who live down the block from you, who believe in the power of innovative and creative ideas to create opportunities for everyone.

It’s tough to start a business on your own. Imagine if you had a community of people supporting you, helping you, partnering with you! Our group can help turn your idea into reality.

The communities that make up Northern Hills—Country Hills, Country Hills Village, Coventry Hills, Panorama Hills and Harvest Hills—are filled with wisdom, expertise and talent. With the current economic climate, many of our neighbours lack the opportunity to provide for their family and give back to the community. We are looking for a way to share and celebrate those assets to create meaningful economic opportunities for everyone in the community.

The residents of the Northern Hills Community (and those with a connection to Northern Hills) are looking to foster, support and create community-based businesses that are more than just about creating profit. We are looking for ideas and opportunities that:

  • Serve the greater good – where profit and impact benefit the neighbourhood and create more happiness for our community
  • Address a gap or opportunity not currently being served by existing businesses, non-profits, charities or community groups
  • Utilize the strengths, talents and capabilities in each of us
  • Innovatively address poverty reduction in the area, creating opportunities and benefits for people who have been marginalized by the current economic system (individuals who may be unemployed, underemployed or can’t find meaningful work)
  • Create something different in the community, fostering inclusion, connections and a sense of belonging among neighbours.

Many of us know how amazing Northern Hills is. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed; to look after themselves and provide for their families.

We also believe, that with the right idea, all of this can happen while creating opportunities for neighbours to impact and help fellow neighbours. Sometimes even the ‘craziest’ ideas not only create financial profit but also are environmentally sustainable and create social impact.

We believe it’s time for creativity and solutions to intersect in the Northern Hills, so we inspire each other to dream and share our passions with the rest of the city.

Your business idea is a way that can highlight how amazing it is here. We have partnered with Vivo, Northern Hills Community Association, Calgary Public Library, Momentum and Plus Acumen to provide you with supports and resources, such as:

Idea generation – Exploring feasibility – Market research – Space to work on your idea – Business plan writing – Funding

Join us as we explore and develop opportunities that create the sustainable, connected and thriving community we know is possible in Northern Hills.