Northern Hills ‘Reconnect’ Event

After a busy summer and fall of workshops and pitch competitions, Northern Hills Connect took a moment on November 1 to reconnect. 32 people (including 8 kids!) came out to share their dreams for local, social business in Northern Hills.

At this meeting, everyone had a chance to contribute to Nannies to Go, one of the business ideas from the pitch night. Sanya Chaudhry, a resident of Northern Hills and all around amazing human, is supporting Jessie and Fatima to advance their business idea by using it as her group’s project for their entrepreneurial class at the University of Calgary.

On November 1, Sanya and her group presented their business plan thus far. Participants then had a chance to share what they loved about the idea, how they thought it could improve and what gifts they could offer to support it moving forward.

The group also identified that we needed a new target. This spring and summer we accomplished a lot. 150 community members came out to dozens of workshops, meetings and events. These were planned by a small and mighty group of about 40 residents who dedicated over 1,500 hours since early 2017.

We know we want to support our first pitching entrepreneurs. We’ve also asked ourselves, what other ways could the community grow social enterprise and social belonging in Northern Hills? Coming up we will be looking to answer just that by setting some short and long-term goals for the group and establishing working groups who will focus on bringing these to life.


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